I Need 5 People…Artists

by artist Jennifer Isenhart

I need 5 artists.

I watched something really cool on youtube.

Now, I really want to do it.

What do I want to do?

Well…I want to collaborate with 5 of you fine artists.

I want to start a painting, then, I want to pass it on to the next artist, have them do a bit of their art on the canvas, then they would pass it on and so on.

Creating a cohesive piece and each of us signing the back of the collaboration.

Video and taking photos the whole time so that I can create a video we can all upload to our social medias.

Help get notoriety for yourself and create something really cool.

I do plan to sell the art. We can decide the price together and split it 6 ways.

If interested, or know someone that might be…please, let me know…I think this could be fun. I am actually pretty excited to do this.

Email me here:


Let’s create together. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what I am wanting to do.

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