ART ON THE SQUARE: A Dream of Mine

In the St.Louis Metropolitan Area, there is a very large art venue. It is called Art on the Square and you can see all the information in the link above. Hundreds of artists get picked to display and sell at the event. Thousands of patrons come to the event and I have been wanting to […]

Magical, Manic Melancholia

I am sure that there are various other studies and surveys that have different findings, but we’ve, at the very least, found that there is a connection between being creative and battling mental illness.

I Need 5 People…Artists

by artist Jennifer Isenhart I need 5 artists. I watched something really cool on youtube. Now, I really want to do it. What do I want to do? Well…I want to collaborate with 5 of you fine artists. I want to start a painting, then, I want to pass it on to the next artist, […]

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