About Me

I love to create.

I love to get my hands messy.

I love to write.

I love to sing.

I am a creative.

I enjoy creating big scenes in my artwork and writings. I like to illustrate a story.

I love designing things, too.

Hopefully, you enjoy my art, my rantings, my designs, my ventures, my life, too.

I am me. 100%. I want to LIVE in this short life, not just exist and survive in it.

I spent too many years of my life not enjoying it and probably causing my body to crumble underneath the stress I was under.

I was simply surviving because I had to… I had children that depended on me as their single mother.

I robotically went from one job I tolerated to the next job I tolerated to have a roof over our heads and food for them to eat.

I have a better day job and time to create more.

Now, that I finally have options and now, that my health has deteriorated significantly, I refuse, and struggle to, to live life robotoically going from one job to the next, anymore. Life is made for living and my body just can’t keep up the way I could push my body to before. I have a day job I love, now, and I have time to build my art business… a business I enjoy because it’s creative.

Genetically, I produce inflammation which has in turn caused various arthritic autoimmunes and a primary immunodeficiency called Specific Antibody Deficiency, which is a milder form of what people like to call “bubble boy disease” but still requires immunoglobulin (plasma) infusions and constant steroids and antibiotics. It’s rare, but it means I struggle to fight off infections of all kinds because I produce antibodies that do not function. I am excessively resistant to vaccination as well, so I rely on others to build herd immunity and to vaccinate.

So, as my health struggles progress, hopefully slower than they have been, I would also like to have created my artistic empire as going on disability may be inevitable in my near future. I am crossing fingers and saying prayers that I can continue to push myself, but I can’t tell the future, so, for now, I am creating in hopes to supplement my income…creatively.

I really appreciate your support.

Thank you so much for being here on this journey with me.

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