Music as Art: Nat King Cole’s “Stardust”

By Jennifer Isenhart

I may have an old soul, but I am a sucker for the classics and no one created such a feeling of love and loss better than Nat King Cole.

“Stardust” is the one song that hits me the hardest.

The song is hauntingly robust with deep, heartfelt emotion. The way only Nat and his orchestra could do it.

The heavy feeling in his voice and the whine from the violin reminds me of such agonizing heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak that happens when you love someone with every fiber of your soul and that person tells you he doesn’t love you anymore and you can’t make him love you, so, you silently drive away watching him fade into the background from your rear view mirror. The kind of heartbreak where your chest is so heavy, you feel like you are suffocating.

If you are a deeply empathetic person, have ever had your heart blown apart, or you watched “The Crown”and want to hear a more beautifully orchestrated, heart-wrenching version of this song and you appreciate music as an art-form, I urge you to give Nat’s “Stardust” a good listen. You’ll be spellbound, I assure you. Nat was a true artist.

Down below I have linked Nat’s version of this song.


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