Financially Strapped, My Medical Bills are Piling Up…Yes, This is a Shameless Attempt at Getting My Bills Paid

This is a tight month financially for my family. My day job keeps cutting hours and the medical bills are stacking up, so I have to advertise a bit in hopes to pay some bills.

I have been recently diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency and I have arthritic autoimmunes.

The autoimmunes are nothing new. I have been treated for those for years.

I started noticing that my quarterly infections were becoming monthly infections and no amount of allergy meds were touching my allergies. My asthma was out of control and I was feeling more fatigued than I had ever been and that was a surprise because I was already extremely fatigued. Steroids and antibiotics weren’t fixing this.

I thought, “I have to get allergy shots…I think it’s time. My allergies are just getting worse.”

I saw my rheumatologist and told her I was thinking about seeing an immunologist. My rheumatologist said that her office works closely with this one particular immunologist and that she would refer me and send my medical info over there. She said she was going to make sure that the immunologist also knew that I had a somewhat rare inflammatory gene that my autoimmunes were connected to.

I go to see the immunologist and she has my medical history, she understands my crazy, little gene.

She tests me for allergies. Of course, my allergies were ridiculous. No surprise, I needed allergy shots and because I am severely allergic to nearly everything, they would have to dilute the dose of allergy shots to 1/3 solution per shot. I was extremely sensitive to just about everything.

I told her, I am sick all the time. She could hear it in my lungs like my rheumatologist had. I explained that I am on antibiotics and steroids 1-2 times per month.

My immunologist said that it was because people don’t get a pneumonia booster after the age of 5 until they are age 50 or older.

I said, “Well, actually, I have had several because I worked at a pharmacy and the pharmacist pushed them through because she noticed I was always sick.

So, after months of testing and months of weekly allergy shots, my immunologist sends me an urgent message via email. ” You need you to make an appointment with me.”

I made an appointment. I didn’t have the slightest clue why she was so adamant, but I was still getting allergy shots and didn’t want to piss her off.

Then she sends me another email saying simply, “You have Specific Antibody Deficiency. You need weekly plasma infusions and we’ll go over it in the appointment.”

Looking into what this Specific Antibody Deficiency is, I found out it is a primary immunodeficiency. It is a genetic defect and it is a milder form of what people know as “bubble boy” or “bubble baby” disease.

Specific Antibody Deficiency meant that I produce immunoglobulin/antibodies, but I am deficient in functioning antibodies. Less than half of my immunoglobulin is working. I need healthy people’s plasma to live and hopefully live a healthy life.

So, not only do I have a fairly rare gene that causes me to have arthritic autoimmune diseases, I also have an extremely rare genetic immune system defect.

This diagnosis explained everything, though. The chronic illness. The infections. The allergies. Everything.

So, now I am waiting for insurance to cover my much needed weekly plasma infusions (for the rest of my life). They are very expensive and insurance companies would rather not pay, so it’s been a frustrating venture.

I have to pay some medical bills…well, bills in general. I am working as much as my body and my day job will let me…so…

I made some new artwork…perfect for the fall season.

Find this artwork and some of my other artwork on rugs, mugs, accent pieces, apparel, and more when you follow the links below.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for just being here. I appreciate you more than you know.

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