Don’t Overthink it, just do it!


by Jennifer Isenhart

So…putting your art out there is hard. It takes risk and if you aren’t careful, you’ll overthink it and won’t put it out there.

Gallery events are terrifying.

Having people critique you is terrifying.

Your art won’t be for everyone and that’s okay.

We talk ourselves out of doing so much and if you are an artist, you are driven by creating. You are driven by freeing your words, your thoughts, your feelings, your spirit in creative ways.

If you are an artist, you won’t be happy doing anything else. That corporate job will pay the bills, but it won’t fulfill you. It won’t nurture you.

You live once, you were given this life to live, so live it doing what you love.

Show your work. Stop overthinking it because then you’ll never do it.

So, go with it. Just do it.

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