You Are Art Initiative

I struggle, sometimes, with being a decent human. I will sit and reflect and feel terrible and I wish I would have been nicer. I wish I would have not been jealous. I wish I would not said or done what I said or did.

I think most, if not all, people feel this way at times…maybe not sociopaths, but a good majority of us.

We could have been nicer. We could have been better. We could have forgiven. We could have walked away.

It seems silly, I get it, but as someone that has faced depression and anxiety my whole life, I think it would be nice to have something floating around letting people know that, good and bad, they are worthy of being called a masterpiece.

I take two antidepressants, myself…every single day. I have a long history of therapy, medication, and hospitalization. I can’t say I am proud of it, but it is what it is. I am genetically pre-dispositioned to having depression and mental illness. I have many family members that struggle with mental illness.

Suicide runs very high in my family and that doesn’t count the attempts. Drug addiction and alcoholism run ridiculously high in my family as well.

These people are not trash…we can’t throw them out.

We have all been molded by genetics, environment, and experience. Some of us didn’t get the affirmations we needed growing up. Some of us didn’t get the support at home we needed.

People need to know their value. They need to know that it can get better. They need to know they are noticed. They need to be reminded of their worth.

That’s why I created the “You Are Art Initiative.” I really want us to get better at letting people know they aren’t garbage, that even if they have hurt people, their lives mean something. That they are beautiful…a work of art.

From my own familial experience and even my own indiscretions, if you hear bad enough about yourself, you are going to believe it. If you aren’t told enough of your value, you are going to doubt it.

Please help me remind people that they are important, they are valuable.

Please consider going to my store and being a part of the initiative by purchasing those items in my “You are Art Initiative.” It would mean so much to me if we just made one person smile…if not more.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being here. Just…thank you.

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