Art of Paws

I am incredibly honored and excited to be invited to have my work involved in a silent auction to help those with HIV/AIDS keep their pets at a time when they need them the most, but may not get to keep them because of the expense of their medications and appointments.

When I was asked to donate work to this cause, I thought this is such a wonderful idea and a great way to be able to hopefully help people when they need it most.

Can you imagine having to give up your best friend just to be able to live another day? How heartbreaking that must be and I guarantee the pain of having to give their pets up is  suppressive to their immune systems, too.

Let’s help people if we can. I believe that’s what we are here for and I hope to spend the rest of my life trying to make others’ lives better. I care too much not to accept this honor. I care too much not to help.

Will you help with me?


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